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Basic activity

- securities acquiring, management and sale
- securities acquiring, evaluation and sale of patent rights
- patents evaluation and sale
- granting liceses for patent use
- accepting deposits of the affiliated companies
- managing the affiliated company finances
- own production and commercial activity
- investment in the construction and exploitation of the tourist sites.

Production, produces by the affiliated to Puldin Holding SA, Plovdiv city companies is quite variable: hoist-transportation equipment, jacklifts, metal cutting and woood processing machines, metal packages and construction. This sort of variety grant the holding company the opportunity to divide the risk between the independent enterprises, meanwhile to require the best effort for introducing in details with activity of the independent companies as well as with the opportunity for realization of the end product.

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http: // - Financial Suprevisiion Comission - Bulgarian Industrial Capital association - Bulgarian Industrial Association
http:// - Bulgarian Chaber of Commerce and Industry - Employer's Association of Bulgaria - Bulgarian Stock Exchange
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