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It has been established in 1961 with subject of activity production of cold pressurized goods and metal package. Since 1997 the enterprise is a joint-stock company, with State participation of 20.19% of the shares and the rest 79.81% of the company are privatized. PULDIN HOLDING SA possesses 51%.

METALOPAK SA produces and offers:
tins and boxes for white brined cheese with volumes of 1, 2, 4, 5, 9 and 18 liters, produced of double polished and lithographic white tin.
Steel containers for liquid fuels and oils with volumes of 5, 10 and 30 liters with protected anticorrosion, petrol proof varnish cover, produced of quality steel with thickness of 0.8 mm
Rimmed metal barrels for storage of liquid, paste like and bulky goods with a volume of 200 litres and different outlets
Zinc-coated buckets for water, for the construction and for household with capacity of 9 and 12 liters, produced of tin with thickness of 0.55 mm.
Metal waste bucket with capacity of 110 liters, designated for specialized vehicles for public services

Packages and containers are exported to Serbia and Macedonia and household bucket for England. Direct export will be increased with the new products as packages for olive oil and Euro barrels. The enterprises for milk and milk products processing are the hugest consumers of the company products; considering the economic industry that part is to the companies for public services of littering

- location: the town of Karnobat, industrial zone
- amount of the basic capital: 80 638 BGN
- Puldin Holding SA, shares: 51.30%
- Subject of activity: production of metal products - barrels, containers, tins, water bucket and waste buckets.

"Barrels" production is produced of two types of tin: black and zinc-coated and is used for transportation and storage of different types of liquid products. "Metal containers" production is produced in three types - 5, 10 and 20 liters, designated for transport and storage of fuels. Cheese tins - to cover the requirements of milk industry. Waste bucket are designated for collection of domestic waste products. Water bucket are produced in two types 9 and 12 liters of zinc-coated tin.
- Basic markets - the products satisfy the requirements in the country and abroad. Part of them are exported as a product package. Direct export is done by a company exporter to England.
- Major clients - Botyo Botev S.B.Co., Burgas, Tommi S.B.Co. - Varna, APIVET - Vidin, Lukoil - Burgas, Farmko - Plovdiv, Soniko - Plovdiv, Dionisievi - Stara Zagora, Burgas Commerce - Burgas, Galax - Sofia.
- Basic suppliers: DAR-1 97, Sofia, Power Supply, Contax
- Production volume toward Jine 30, 2005 is 570 thousand BGN
- Registartion number and lot within the commercial archive: 5947/1991, volume I, page 180 at Burgas District Court
- Company Identification Number: 812117026
- Taxation number: 1023000039
- Type, class and number of shares owned by PULDIN HOLDING SA: 20 684 personal shares.