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Podemstroymash SA has been established in 1963 as an enterprise for maintenance and production of construction and road machines. Today the state capital in it is 33 per 100 and the rest of the shares are distributed between Puldin Holding SA - 68.36% and individual shareholders - 10 per hundred .

The company is specialized in DESIGN, PRODUCTION, INSTALLMENT and MAINTENANCE of:
- overhead and bridge cranes with loading capacity up to 12,5 tones, along with the elements for them
- jacklifts with loading capacity up to 100 tones
- mechanisms for tower-cranes
- Autocrane for chassis SKODA-EUROPA with loading capacity of 10 tones
- Griping devices and elements for them
- Metal constructions and equipment following the client' s documentation with warranted quality. Production from Pazardzhik factory is welcomed to more than 20 countries.
- Hydraulic and mobile platforms for airports. /PICTURES/

From different continents - Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Extremely active are the contacts with DIEXA - SPAIN, MIZIA PARANCI - ITALY, MBB-Germany, TIM-France, as well as companies from Russia, Belgium, Sudan, Israel, Egypt, etc.
Company disposes with modern know-how and equipment for production, invests constructions and equipment, corresponding to the international standards. PODEMSTROYMASH SA guarantees irreproachable quality and offers the clients more facilities upon work and less cares upon service.

Location: the town of Pazardzhik, No 6 Sinitevska Str.
Basic capital to the amount of 64 893 BGN
Share for Puldin Holding SA, the town of Plovdiv: 68.36%
Subject of activity: production and sale of cranes, crane elements, construction machines, metal constructions, ect.

Basic markets: foreign market - Germany

Basic clients:
MBB Liftsystems - Germany 66% from the sales
Diexa - Spain: 4% from the sales
Balkan Echo Ltd, the village of Kravenik: 12% from the sales

Basic suppliers:
Angel Stoilov 96 SA, the town of Plovdiv: 22% from the purchases
Ankofer - Germany: 7% from the purchases
Travel investments Ltd, the town of Plovdiv: 11% from the purchases
Ena Metal Ltd, the town of Plovdiv: 9% from the purchases
Ivanka Nikolova - Niki S.B.Co, Ruse - 11% from the purchases

Volume of the purchases from production and services for the period January 1, 2005 till June 30, 2005 to the amount of 1404 thousand BGN and the volume of the other sales is 53 thousand BGN and the total incomes from the sales are 1456 thousand BNG
Registration number and lot within the commercial archive: company file No 4224/1991 by Pazardzhik District Court, volume 1, page 52, section I
Company Identification No: 822106213
Taxation No: 1131005268
Type, class and number of the shares, owned by PULDIN HOLDING SA - 44 358 nominal shares.